Perfect Bridal Makeup for a Perfect Beach Wedding with Shree event Decor

Perfect Bridal Makeup for a Perfect Beach Wedding with Shree event Decor

If you have decided for a beach wedding, then certainly you are a free soul who loves to explore your happiness in the lap of Mother Nature. For this very special day, you would certainly need to look special and do not disturbed by the hot sun rays and the cool breeze. Your makeup should complement your style and ensure that your special date shall denote warmth and freshness. Wedding celebrations in a tropical site require few but very effective things that will help you look your best. Just consider one thing, do not overdo it.

Shree Event Decor lisited some tips to help to prepare yourself for your big day:

# SPF is a Must

Sun Protecting Factor or SPF is the mantra if you are visiting the beach side. This will help you in long-term to prevent the base. In addition, if you are very careful when applying cosmetic color and do not want to look pink or red on that day, must apply products with SPF.

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# Choose a Radiant Makeup

Indian skin tone is usually on the brownish side, hence there comes the need to apply a makeup tone which gives a healthy yet radiant look. For the healthy tone, opt for a self-tanner, it is important to apply it properly and gradually so you have time to correct any errors. Remember that hair removal and exfoliation are the first steps for a successful sunless sun.

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# Eyes & Eyebrows

Give a natural-looking appearance to your face by giving a perfect shape to your eyebrows and applying kohl to your eyes. Light up your eyes with bright shades. Use smudge proof eye products which can last longer. Add some false eyelashes to make them a perfect complement to stunning eyes.

# Face

For an outdoor wedding, it is necessary to find good quality and light formulas. Your face needs to look as natural as possible. Begin applying the make up base, you should ensure that the appearance of pores is minimized while giving a warm tone to your skin. The foundation should be as per your liking but make sure it is light. There are brides who prefer a good “canvas” can opt for hydrating creams and lotions, which can refresh and cover imperfections. If you want your skin to breathe, opt for a tinted moisturizer.

Use concealers to cover the inner corners of the eyes, corners of the nose and the odd little marks. Finish your makeup with a layer of loose powder, when possible, with a touch of bronze.

# Hair

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Choose a hairstyle that highlights your beach look. Avoid frizzy look. Go for a hair spa, use hair sprays, and flaunt your beautiful locks! However, it is advisable to form a bun to avoid a bad hair day!

Even if you wish to flaunt a traditional look and with heavy designer bridal trousseau, then also it is always advised not to play much with your makeup. Try minimal and fresh look.

All the best for your new life ahead!

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