A couple imagines of getting married at a perfect wedding location. Everything about it, starting from the décor, photography depends on the venue. Just state your budget and give us a call, we will surprise you with the healthy lists of places. We keep in mind all the aspects of location, layout and designing, size, parking space, catering, regulations, etc.

Venues have a great impact on the overall performance of the event. According to your budget shree event provide you the finest available options. After the initial call, we try and invest in your flavor and necessities in respect with guests’ strength, budget, itinerary, availability, etc.

shree event bring in the shortlisted venues/hotels along with a very broad proposal of the budget, based on our past experiences and their average cost. Along with the venues/hotels we also tend to offer you a concise idea about the pros and cons of each property. This might help you in taking up a call or decision. We also provide you a stage to negotiate one to one with the hotelier to bring down the cost. We even lead you in adding the additional benefits as the part of hotel agreement that will actually be favorable to you in the final costing.

Once the hotels are finalized, we help you fixing up venues for each event in the premises. We give a hand in liaison with the hotel to administer all the bookings, arrivals or departures. We also assist you in menu finalization for every event individually.

Working on the grounds of Athihti Devo Bhava (the guest is God), Shree Event has set a benchmarking repute as a contributor of hospitality with lots of courteousness along with a dash of professionalism.

As an Event Management and Wedding Planner entity, we know the worth of guest relations and smoothing things via meticulously planned logistics. We, at Shree Event are well favored to organize domestic and international level events and wedding to let our clients involve and engage with their guests.


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