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When it comes to the services we provide, don’t be worried because we cover everything that adds to the grandiose of your event and makes it an occasion worth every penny you invest in it.

We at Shree Event Decor make it a point that we decorate the venue for your event in a manner that leaves you mesmerized and spellbound. Our prior experience at working according to the requirements of our clients helps us do this better. From crafting beautiful wedding sets to devising the most suitable plan for the hospitality and guest management, from covering the complete event through beautifully captured moments on camera to proficient catering services, we do it all.

Great events conducted are best described in the future with great photographs and hence we pay an unalterable attention to our photography and videography services which lets not a single beautiful moment at your event go uncaptured.

For the love of dance, music and entertainment that resides with all of us, we make sure that we bring to you the best quality brass band, disc jockey, fireworks, and fire artists. With these, your guest will not only be entertained but also be left with memories that will get look down their memory lane and recall your event as one of the best that they had ever been to. You want something more special? How about a celebrity at your event? Well, we can arrange for that as well and look after all their requirements without you having to worry about it.

All that we leave you with is peace, so that you may enjoy your event just the same way as your guests do.


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